aka wine geek specializes in the professional presentation of wine, beer, sake, spirits and non-alcohol beverage education for the trade, consumers, press and the media.

Most importantly, we make tasting and learning fun!

Our goal is to empower members of the trade and consumers alike to make their own decisions and trust their palates.

The company is based on Steven Olson’s standing as being one of America’s foremost experts and most sought-after lecturers in the business.

aka winegeek is more than Steve Olson. It is a network of employees and contracted consultants, including several speakers and sommeliers, bartenders and servers throughout the US, that collaborate to make his vision happen.

The company acts as a liaison between all strata of the industry, serving in an educational and advisory capacity between producer, importer, distributor, sales force, restaurateur, retailer, management, servers, and all others involved in the presentation and sales of beverages, creating the opportunity for successful interface with the consumer.

August 11, 2015
This year marks a very special time for Del Maguey and that's why Steve, Ron Cooper, and the team will host a party in Oaxaca on August 11th for all of our palenqueros, their families, and our family in celebration of Del Magueys 20th Anniversary. On August 11th at 6pm we’ll be at Marco Polo (www.cocinadelmar.com) hosting with amazing food, live music, cold (and not cold) beer… oh yeah, and we might serve a little Mezcal too. There will be a special hosted breakfast at Marco Polo the following day as well. In hopes you can find a way to make it down to Oaxaca, we would be honored to raise a copita with you.

August 28, 2015 - September 05, 2015
Steve heads to Cape Town, South Africa, to judge the 2015 Diageo World Class Global Finals! World Class is a yearlong cocktail education program, and the finals are going to be one hell of a battle...

September 28, 2015 - October 02, 2015
BAR (Beverage Alcohol Resource) will return to the Astor Center in NYC to hold its 5-day Intermediate Certificate Program. BAR is an independent organization whose program instructs attendees not only about the details and techniques necessary to be a competent maker of mixed drinks, but likewise about the pedigree and use of all the fine distilled spirits that act as the base spirits for cocktails. BARs mission is to educate, guide, and propagate the healthy, enlightened, and responsible use of beverage alcohol products. The school is in a unique position to create and teach a series of courses that will not just train, but actually educate those who take them, be they service industry professionals, members of the media, or curious consumers.

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